My Artwork

Design based in a famous manga called Samurai Champloo.

A design based in a phrase said by Khaleesi from Game of Thrones.

Totoro from famous Studio Ghibli, I have made a design emulating a film’s poster from Jurassic Park.

From comics, a design that show the famous king of magnetism Magneto.

A particular vision of logo Batman vs Superman

A design based in the manga comic Naruto.

Logo representing to the god of thunder Thor.

A design inspired in the animation movie Big Hero 6.

A design inspired on the Jurassic World’s logo but using Rex from Toy Story to make a funny mix.

This design imitate a poster from the movie Ocean’s Eleven but with the Avengers.

A funny composition about the logo from Jurassic World but Rex from Toy Story as main character.

A design inspired in Game of Thrones

A famous scene from Pulp Fiction but using two characters from Dragon Ball Z.

Deadpool shooting in a relaxing position.

A design inspired in the anime film “Spirited Away”.

A design what mix two famous Marvel’s superheroes.

A design inspired on the universe of The Walking Dead.

Funny design from zim invasor

The most famous ungry heroe under rain

The hero by excellence under rain

One of the most appreciated mutant under rain

The god of thunder under rain